Since 2008, Wing Daddy’s Sauce House has been a culinary cornerstone, serving up bold flavors and vibrant experiences all across Texas. With over 30 locations and a commitment to their El Paso roots, Wing Daddy’s is a beloved fixture in the state’s dining landscape.

Behind their success lies LaBarba Permit Service, a trusted partner in navigating the complexities of TABC permitting. For over a decade, LaBarba has ensured that each Wing Daddy’s location has the necessary permits to serve their customers, allowing the restaurant chain to focus on what they do best: delivering exceptional food and atmosphere.

With Labarba’s expertise and support, Wing Daddy’s has been able to expand rapidly while maintaining their commitment to quality and authenticity. From El Paso to new frontiers across Texas, LaBarba has been instrumental in facilitating smooth operations and legal compliance, enabling Wing Daddy’s to continue delighting patrons with their bold flavors and inviting ambiance.

In partnership with Labarba’s sister company, Masterplan, Wing Daddy’s Sauce House successfully secured a conditional use permit for a TABC late-hours permit, at their Allen TX location. Overcoming zoning challenges near residential areas. Masterplan strategically navigated the process, obtaining the necessary variances and approvals, allowing Wing Daddy’s to thrive as a popular sports bar and grill in the community, even amidst the challenges of the pandemic.

As Wing Daddy’s Sauce House continues to grow and evolve, LaBarba remains a vital ally, ensuring that the restaurant chain can navigate the regulatory landscape with ease. Together, they’ve forged a winning combination in the restaurant industry built on trust and efficiency, turning the TABC permitting process into a seamless aspect of Wing Daddy’s ongoing success story. If you’re looking to streamline your permitting process, reach out to LaBarba Permit Service. Their expertise and dedication make them a valuable partner in culinary success.