A business or organization is not allowed to sell or serve alcoholic beverages on its property without proper licensure. Normally, businesses need to obtain the proper permit for alcohol sales and manufacture from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC), a branch of the Texas government responsible for regulating the manufacture, distribution and sales of liquor throughout the state.

There are over 70 kinds of TABC permits, though, each with their own restrictions. Navigating these many permit types can be complicated, especially if you’re unsure of how the system works. Not all businesses will need a permanent TABC permit in Dallas, TX.

One of the common pitfalls organizations and businesses run into is thinking they need a permanent liquor license to sell alcohol at a temporary event. Going through the process of obtaining a liquor license in these cases is necessary because the TABC offers temporary permits that are designed for events, fundraisers and other temporary celebrations.

Understanding the basics of temporary TABC permits

If you are hosting an event where you’d like to serve alcohol, you should look into applying for a temporary TABC permit, which will allow you to sell or serve alcoholic beverages to others for a limited amount of time.

First, it’s important to note that temporary TABC permits are not available to individuals. Temporary permits are only available to retailers who wish to sell alcohol outside of their retail location that is currently licensed, or to civic, religious and charitable organizations that wish to serve alcohol at an event or fundraiser.

If your organization falls into one of these two types of situations, you can apply for a temporary permit in-person or via email or fax by filling out the TABC’s permit application packet.

Permits should be applied for well in advance of your event to ensure smooth submission and processing. However, you should not apply for a permit if your event is fewer than 10 business days away because it will likely not be able to be processed in time.

Types of temporary permits and permit rules and restrictions

Much like how there are many types of TABC liquor licenses, there are numerous types of temporary permits, as well. These types are fewer, but it’s important to understand the type of permit your organization will need so you avoid fines. Different permits are needed to serve mixed drinks and  wine and beer, and other permits are designated for single or multi-day use. Different permits also have varying application fees and surcharges.

Per the rules of the TABC, a temporary permit is not always required. If you do not get a permit, you must offer alcohol for free to any and all adults present on the property for your event. You may not limit alcoholic beverages to paying customers, nor may you ask for tips or donations in exchange for drinks if you are providing alcohol without a permit.

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The process of getting a temporary TABC permit in Dallas, TX can be complicated, especially when you are trying to focus on actually organizing your event. If you require assistance determining which permit type to obtain or want help during the application process, contact LaBarba Permit Service.

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