Texas offers a lot of opportunities for business growth and development, but when it comes to obtaining a liquor license in Texas, just where do you start for advice?

Growing a business in the middle of a national emergency may be on the list of difficult things to accomplish, but there is something that can work in your favor: location, location, location.

If you are thinking about moving your restaurant business to Texas, you’re in good company. Thousands of people are leaving more expensive states and areas, and many are flocking to the Lone Star State.

Texas is home to plenty of restaurants and other food and drink establishments, and more are coming every month. Moving your restaurant to Texas may be a solid choice, but how can you make the most of this fresh start? How do you know where to begin on getting properly established, permitted, certified, and licensed in the state? It may all seem overwhelming.

Not from ‘round here?

Adhering to local laws, whether in Dallas county or Austin county and obtaining the proper permitting is imperative. For any hospitality establishment, the process of obtaining a Texas
liquor license is essential. Unfortunately, navigating layers of bureaucracy and struggling to decipher all the legal jargon make the process feel engineered to cause frustration. Did you know that approval for a Texas liquor license can take up to 3 months if there are no problems with your application? Applying for the proper permit and anticipating issues that might derail your entire application is a must. TABC will deny or slow approval based on even small mistakes. Overwhelming indeed!

Never fear!

That’s why there are several Texas license service agencies who can help assist business owners with this process. At LaBarba Permit Service, our proactive approach provides you with instant feedback and helps clear confusion as we cut through the red tape for you. In addition to the experience gained through 50 years in business, our family-owned company emphasizes prompt attention to detail, strong working relationships with the TABC and local officials, and strict confidentiality.

As you’re already aware, experience is invaluable. Learn from the local experts. If you don’t already know something about liquor licenses, learn from someone who has been in the business since 1965. Let us help you navigate these uncharted waters so that you can focus on other details of your business required to ensure its success.