The TABC Sunset bill required the agency to consolidate many of its licenses and permits during the last legislative session. Coinciding with the launch of the new AIMS system on September 1, all current TABC licensed businesses will be operating under the new license and permit structure in the Alcoholic Beverage Code.   

Businesses can expect to see changes such as new license names or additional authorities to be included in the license. In order to comply with changes, businesses or their licensing representative will need to access AIMS based on the applicable onboarding date. 

For additional details, see TABC’s Sept. 1, 2021 License Consolidation Explained chart (Last revision: March 24, 2021) 

Please note, TABC will NOT print or send a new license. Each business or their licensing representative will print their own license once accessing AIMS.  


TABC Fees 

There will be changes to the TABC fee structure. We will post those changes to our website once they are announced.