TABC is undergoing major changes in 2021, including not processing new permits during August 2021 as they move to their new system, AIMS. We anticipate a large increase in the number of applications submitted to TABC for processing prior to August 1st, resulting in longer wait times for approvals. If you are applying for a new permit, it is important that you begin that process as soon as possible.  

AIMS Registration:  

TABC is releasing details about the new AIMS system in June 2021. Once we can start registrations in the new system, LaBarba will communicate times for our clients to come to our offices and setup your account in the new AIMS system. During registration, LaBarba will be added as an authorized user so we can continue managing the license and permitting process on your behalf. 

New Applications: 

ALL original applications must be submitted to TABC and paid in full for before July 31, 2021. While we cannot guarantee your permit will get through all city requirements before the TABC submittal deadline, we commit to doing our due diligence to submit your application before August 1, 2021 when TABC shuts down for the month. 

CLIENT DEADLINE: May 21, 2021 – For all original applications, complete your LaBarba Permit Checklist and provide payment by May 21, 2021. We are confident in most permitting cases this will allow us enough time to successfully complete your permit. Contact us immediately to get started on new permit applications.


All permits expiring before August 31, 2021 will be renewed using the current structure and TABC fees. You can renew as early as 30 days prior to your expiration date. Based on the upcoming changes at TABC, we anticipate a significant increase in the number of renewals to be processed. We encourage all of our clients with upcoming expirations to begin preparations now so we can process your renewal as quickly as possible.  

You can view the entire April TABC Talks here: 

We are committed to keeping our clients informed and ready for upcoming changesAs updates become available, we will email them out and post them to our website.