In recent days, there has been much interest in TABC practices, regarding motorcycle clubs at licensed establishments. Contrary to rumor, TABC is not ordering bars to ban club patches and colors, nor any other motorcycle club paraphernalia. No bar, club or other establishment will be shut down or prosecuted for allowing motorcycle club members or their related attire on their premises.

Following the violent incident in Waco, which police investigation indicates was related to the display of certain clubs’ patches in the presence of another club, we are advising bar and club owners to be aware of the current climate involving rival motorcycle clubs. In order to allow the heated climate to subside, we are asking our permit holders to voluntarily limit the display of motorcycle club patches and colors. This is merely a suggested best practice, not a mandate.

Again, bar owners are free to follow this practice as they see fit, meaning it is up to each individual bar owner to determine who they choose to serve. TABC does not have the authority to order bars to serve only certain segments of the population. TABC’s suggested practice is merely a short-term measure intended to help bar owners maintain the safety of their patrons and surrounding communities. Once statewide law enforcement agencies have determined the likelihood of further violence has passed, the suggestion will be rescinded.