You may have missed Texas Gov. Greg Abbott instituting a hiring freeze in January that will last until the end of the fiscal year in August. The measure was intended to improve the state’s financial situation as it faces an expected budget shortfall. The measure has caused some problems for the craft beer industry, however.

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC), as a state agency, has been unable to fill 20 positions due to the freeze, one of which is the beer and wine label approver. They’ve put someone on it temporarily, but due to this person’s other responsibilities, the average wait time for label approval is now 40 days. This is a massive problem for the state’s craft brewers because it can hold up the entire production schedule and limit consumption. The freeze could definitely impact brewers’ ability to get their summer seasonal beers onto shelves in a timely manner.

The TABC applied for a waiver in order to fill the position, but it hasn’t yet been approved. So in the meantime, you’re stuck with your old favorites.

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