New technology is continually creeping into the restaurant business, slowly forcing adaptations and development of new ways to serve customers. Within the past few years, the market has seen a number of important innovations that customers utilize in ordering food, making reservations, and selecting their restaurant. Once limited to computers or the telephone, new apps have been developed so that every facet of your night out can be controlled through your smartphone. New delivery services have popped up, making it easier to have food straight to your doorstep with UberEatsDoorDashGrubHub, and Favor. With a click of a button, you can have Coal Vines or Greenville Avenue Pizza Company in under an hour. OpenTable, Find.Eat.Drink., Reserve, and NoWait all help you find new restaurants and snatch reservations at some of the newest restaurants in town. All of these apps are slowly beginning to phase out traditional elements of the restaurant business, from the hostess to even the servers. Larger chain restaurants are investing in Point of Sale (POS) services directly at your table, allowing you to order and pay, and even play games while you wait. The technological trend will continue, with more and more effort being put forth from the customer, lessening the value of traditional restaurant jobs and altering the makeup of the restaurant industry.