Known for their seasonal, creative small plates, Rye is the perfect dinner date location for when your taste buds are feeling adventurous. Their food menu is locally sourced and rotated quite often.

Located on Greenville, Rye not only serves unique dinner plates but delicious drink options as well. Their drink menu offers up delightful beverages like their Bob Barley (Barrel-Aged) which is a blend of plantation xamayca, peated scotch cynar (an Italian bitter aperitif), and molasses, as well as their Welcome to the Jungle drink, which is made up of butterscotch washed rum, calvados, lime, banana liquor, and pyrolyzed banana. Their drinks will nicely complement many of their dinner plates such as their Release the Quack-En which is a citrus brined duck, charred leeks, strawberry boshi, pomegranate vinaigrette, and pistachio.

This one-of-a-kind restaurant is located right next to Apothecary and is owned by the same talented individuals, Tanner Agar, Nic Cain, and Taylor Rause, who are very passionate about their unique businesses. With them being right next door to each other you are able to walk right out the door and enjoy more eccentric drinks, which makes for a perfect date night out on the town.