When choosing to dine out, people usually look for a good meal, decent service, and an enjoyable time with the family. But according to Gene Simmons, the co-founder of the rock band KISS, it’s much more than that. Speaking to the Multi-Unit Foodservice Operators Conference in downtown Dallas, Simmons pointed out that “people don’t have to go out to eat.” He explained that they’re coming for an experience…[so] it’s got to be a spectacular experience.” In trying to relate to Dallas restaurateurs and entrepreneurs, the KISS frontman claimed that they are all in the same line of work – entertainment. His new venture, Rock & Brews, aims to provide its customers with delicious food as well as a fun, family-friendly atmosphere filled with music. The menu is a mix of standard brewpub fare and simple eats, but with a modern twist on classic items such as burgers and pizza. Rock & Brews is slated to open in The Colony in 2016.

SOURCE: “KISS co-founder urges restaurateurs to rock it” by Karen Robinson-Jacobs, The Dallas Morning News (9/22/15)