As a culture, we’ve become fairly used to #branding invading every dimension of our lives, but sometimes it really starts to feel like a stretch. July’s most egregious offense in this category has to go to the recently announced partnership between Corona and the University of Texas.

Yes, that’s right. Corona is now the official beer of the Texas Longhorns.

But wait, it gets better. The ad campaign’s slogan? “Horns up, Limes in!”

In exchange for access to UT’s trademarks, TV channel, massive alumni network and more, the university gets a “responsible drinking campaign” and a Corona Beach House installed near the stadium. The house is described as an “activation experience…including fun photo opportunities with Corona’s iconic giant Adirondack chair.”

A giant Adirondack chair! That’s definitely what UT football fans were missing.

In any case, as the first partnership between an imported beer and a university, it’ll be interesting to see if this starts a trend. Who might pair up next? The possibilities are endless.

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