Mesquite’s very own pure dirt racetrack. Home to some of racing history’s most spectacular events, Devil’s Speedway in Mesquite, Texas, is nothing short of a great time. A place where engines roar, and the crowd goes wild, if you are a racing fan, you most definitely need to check out Devil’s Speedway if you have not already.

There are ample events to attend, and with a whopping 10,000 seats, you will be getting the racing experience of your dreams. There is always something going on at this venue, consistently offering fans high-speed racing entertainment.

LaBarba helped Devil’s Speedway get back on track by aiding in the renewal of their private club permit. Most businesses want a private club permit in order to serve alcoholic beverages to their members and/or patrons. Under this permit, the organization charges members a service fee for each drink served rather than charging directly for the alcohol itself.