This new golf entertainment venue is located at 5321 E. Mockingbird Ln., in Dallas, Texas. Similar to the well-known “Top Golf,” where booze and golf coincide, Hack Shack will include an interactive golf simulator where the fun is never-ending. With over 40 courses from around the world to choose from, you will get the best golf experience without ever having to step foot outside of the building.

The location will include ten indoor hitting bays, golf-themed cocktails and eats, and three private suites to hold anything from birthday parties to golf lessons. Hack Shack will also offer a full restaurant and outdoor patio area.

Someone has to be responsible for all the fun; LaBarba helped Hack Shack get their Mixed Beverage Permit (MB) with a Food and Beverage Certificate (FB). The Hack Shack is expected to open in 2022!