As of late last week, Granbury-based Revolver Brewing has joined the MillerCoors family. A popular craft brewery which has been around since 2012, Revolver Brewing has produced a wide array of unique beers since its inception. The most well recognized and well liked is Blood & Honey, an unfiltered wheat ale with blood orange zest and local Texas honey. Full-bodied and easy to drink, Blood & Honey is their flagship beer, with an IPA, traditional Bock, a pale ale, and a blonde ale to round out their full rotation of year-round beers. Joining MillerCoors craft and import division, the Tenth and Blake Beer Company, Revolver will be focused on increasing their presence in the state. Rhett Keisler, Revolver’s co-owner and president, states, “We still feel like we’ve got a lot of fans in Houston, and San Antonio and other [Texas] towns that we’re not currently in, that email and text us and write us and ask us when we’re getting out beer out there. So our primary focus is Texas.” With MillerCoors to help with expansion and distribution, Revolver Brewing is sure to reach all corners of Texas much sooner than anticipated.