Zoning and Code Compliance Services

Clients of LaBarba Permit Service benefit from the permitting,  zoning and code compliance expertise of MasterPlan, our sister company. If your business encounters zoning or code compliance issues, you can rest assured that our teams work together seamlessly to represent you through the entire process. Together, these companies are nearly 100 years old and have been the leaders in zoning and alcohol permitting in Dallas, Texas for decades.

One of the most common challenges restaurants, bars and entertainment venues face is a parking shortage. Fear not! LaBarba Permit Service has expertise in what we call “solving for parking.” Our experts can design parking layouts, research the city code, determine City of Dallas delta credits (grandfathered parking rights), or file a case at the Dallas Board of Adjustments for a variance or special exception to reduce parking. 

LaBarba consultants also have expertise in the American Disability Act (ADA) requirements for acessibility and parking. Disability assessments can result in opening delays, fines and lawsuits. These are serious matters, so clients benefit tremendously from our special expertise in this area.

Our capabilities include preparing draft language on proposed ordinance amendments and presenting before city staff, zoning commissions, and city councils. Our firms have completed large, complicated assignments in West Legacy, Victory and The Union. If you have questions about code compliance or zoning in the state of Texas, or if you need any of these critical services in regards to your project, contact Masterplan  or LaBarba today.

Some of LaBarba’s Satisfied Clients: