Services for Wineries, Breweries and Distilleries

As the Texas market for craft beer, cocktails and wine have grown, so has interest in producing these products.

Texas wines have continued to advance over the last five years with new varietals, improved quality, new talent and increased consumer awareness.

Craft beer production has also increased over the last few years. In 2018, TABC ammended its brewery regulations to allow small producers to manufacture, distribute and directly sell product from the same location. The change benefited the craft brewery owners and caused significant growth to this industry in Texas.

Top Texas distillers Titos, Deep Eddy and TX Whiskey have become household names beyond the Lone Star State. In the last decade, the state has seen an eightfold increase in the number of permits issued to distillers, according to Texas Distilled Spirits Association, or TDSA.

LaBarba Permit Service has helped with TABC licensing issues, land use issues, zoning concerns, certificates of occupancy, as well as fire code reviews. We’ve successfully assisted Peticolas Brewery, Deep Ellum Brewery and more.

LaBarba is here to help these companies determine the permits needed and navigate complex TABC rules and regulations.


Brewers Permit (B)

Authorizes manufacture of ale and malt liquor and sell to wholesale permit holders in this state or to qualified persons outside the state. If annual production does not exceed 225,000 barrels, the holder may sell to consumers on premise.

Brew Pub License (BP)

Authorizes beer manufacturing, brewing, packaging; allows free tasting; and permits sale to consumers for on or off-premise consumption. Total production cannot exceed 10,000 barrels for each licensed brewpub. 

Brewers Self-Distribution Permit (DA)

Permit authorizes the holders of Brewer’s Permits to sell ale to retailers and wholesalers authorized to sell ale in this state. Combined sales of ale and of beer may not exceed 40,000 barrels annually.

Winery Permit (W)

Authorizes manufacture, bottle, label and package wine; offer wine samples and sell to wholesalers or ultimate consumers for consumption on and off-premise.

Distillers and Rectifiers Permit (D)

Authorizes holder to manufacture, rectify, purify and refine distilled spirits and to package finished products and sell to wholesalers and qualified individuals outside this state and to bring in out-of-state distilled spirits for manufacturing and rectifying purposes.

Winery Storage Permit (GS)

Authorizes winery is located in a dry county to store the winery’s product in a dry area of that county.

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