Need Special Permission to Open Your Business?

Municipalities in North Texas have complicated rules and procedues regarding land use and zoning for alcohol-related businesses. Dallas, for instance, has a combination of dry areas, zoning restrictions, late hour restrictions and Specific Use Permits (SUPs). Getting a TABC license in Dallas is most definitely not a DIY process.

The suburbs of Dallas and Fort Worth also have rules requiring Specific Use Permits, which can also be called Conditional Use Permits.

Specific Use Permits (SUP) allow conditional use or specific use under certain circumstances. SUPs are often required for the sale or manufacture of alcohol, dance halls and other circumstances.

In most cities, the process is the same or similar to that required for a zoning change. 

Any time there is a public hearing involved, the experience can be technical, politcal and complex.

Rely on our consultants to help you—we’ve obtained nearly 1,000 SUPs for property owners. If your property is in a dry area or isn’t zoned for the bar or liquor store you plan to open, we can help.

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1. Submit Application to the City

2. Neighborhood Outreach

3. Lobby City & Elected Officials

4. Present Case at City Planning Commission & City Council

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