Services for Restaurants

Although restaurants must earn a majority of sales from food purchase, alcohol sales boost revenue and profit margins for restaurants. A lot.

That’s why it’s critical for restaurants to open with TABC alcohol permits in place on day one.

LaBarba Permit Service has more than 55 years experience supporting Dallas-based restaurants. As a family owned business, we understand the needs of local restaurant owners. Our staff is active in the Dallas Restaurant Association, and our clients include many of the top locally owned Dallas restaurants. 

We take the headache out of  the TABC licensing process, so you can focus on the launch and success of your restaurant.

As experts TABC permits, we’re your go-to resource for help acquiring a Texas liquor license. We understand that many restaurant owners have difficulty navigating the TABC permit process . We’re here to take care of TABC, so you can focus on making your restaurant a success.


Food and Beverage (FB)

Issued to the holder if food service is the primary business being operated on the licensed premise or if food service is available on the premises and the gross receipts of alcoholic beverages do not exceed 50% of total gross receipts.


Mixed Beverage Restaurant (RM)

Permit authorizes a restaurant in a wet area and holding a food and beverage certificate to sell mixed drinks, wine, beer, ale and malt liquor for consumption on the premises of the restaurant.

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