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Our longtime staff members have a unique depth of Texas regulatory knowledge and a strong working relationship with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC), making LaBarba Permit Services well-suited to assist you. Don’t let TABC requirements slow you down!

For more than 50 years, we have provided a full spectrum of TABC license and permit services for our clients. That experience has also given us insight into other important Texas business requirements including health permits, sales tax permits, lottery license, ATF registration, cigarette permits and assumed name applications.

Based in Dallas, with offices in Austin, Houston and Frisco, our team has special expertise navigating local ordinances and TABC regulations in these municipalities.

Additionally, our sister company Masterplan Texas is a land use consultant that assists with zoning, building permit expediting, certificate of occupancy, required parking reductions, code issues and ADA parking problems.

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Beverage Cartage Permit (PE)

Authorizes permit holder to transport alcoholic beverages to their licensed premises from the place of purchase.

Health Permit

Required for all establishments that provide any sort of food or drink service. City inspection is required.


Required to sell lottery tickets. Issued by the state, and must be renewed every two years. Cannot be obtained by any establishment that holds a TABC permit authorizing on-premise alcohol consumption.


Allows delivery of an alcoholic beverage from the business to the consumer in an area where the sale of the beverage is legal.

Assumed Name

Establishments must file the name they are doing business as (DBA) with the county. Required to re-file every 10 years. 

Airline Beverage Permit

Allows an airline to sell or serve alcohol while operating in or over the state of Texas.

Cigarette Permit

Required to sell cigarettes. These permits are issued by the state and must be renewed every two years.

Certificate of Occupancy

A Certificate of Occupancy (CO) serves as a license to do business at a specified location within city limits. Obtaining a CO involves city inspections of a building’s structure, plumbing, and electrical systems.


LaBarba clients receive renewal reminders and assistance completing the process well ahead of submission deadlines. 

Temporary Permit

There are three permits options that allow the holder to sell alcohol at events. We help clients determine which permit meets their needs.

Warehouse Permit

Permit authorizes holder to store liquor for any permittee who holds a Public Storage Permit (K). The specific permit required varies for wet and dry areas.

Manufacturer License

Allows the holder to manufacture and sell beer to distributors, and to distribute beer without charge for on-premise consumption.