Services for Hotels

From the standpoint of Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) requirements, hotels are one of the most complicated businesses. That’s because most hotels offer a variety of alcohol sales models and locations. TABC rules are specific to the point of sale, which means the alcohol sold in the hotel minibar, room service, restaurant, cocktail lounge and gift shop each have unique alcohol permit requirements.

Hotels can also have difficulty meeting with building code and parking requirements. Let our experts get you open!

LaBarba Permit Service is familiar with the all hotel TABC rules, and we can ensure each sales point obtains the Texas alcohol permits required.


Mixed Beverage (MB)

Permit authorizes the sale of mixed beverages from unsealed containers and wine, beer, ale and malt liquor in containers of any legal size for on-premise consumption.

Food and Beverage (FB)

Issued to the holder if food service is the primary business being operated on the licensed premise or if food service is available on the premises and the gross receipts of alcoholic beverages do not exceed 50% of total gross receipts.

Wine and Beer Retailers Permit (BG)

Permit authorizes the sale of beer, ale, malt liquor and wine not more than 14% or 17% for on or off the premisesconsumption. Requires seating area for customers.

Mixed Beverage Restaurant (RM)

Permit authorizes a restaurant in a wet area and holding a food and beverage certificate to sell mixed drinks, wine, beer, ale and malt liquor for consumption on the premises of the restaurant.

Retail Dealer's License (BE)

License authorizes sale of beer for consumption on or off premises. Requires seating area for customers.

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