Services for Business Changes

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) requires license holders to inform them of all business changes. These may include a new name, location, structure, owner or even hours of operation. LaBarba Permit Service commonly helps clients make their partnership or ownership member change.

Although we can assist with the TABC reporting requirements after a change is finalized, we highly recommend consulting with us  before altering any aspect of your business that was previously reported to TABC.

It could be that the change you are contemplating is prohibited by law and proceeding with the change might jeopardize your TABC permit or Certificate of Occupancy. Or, there may be a unique way to report your specific change in order to meet their requirements. We will provide recommendations that meet your needs and TABC regulations. We will also ensure the proper paperwork is completed in a timely fashion to protect your TABC alcohol permit.

Businesses must also report a suspension of the sale of alcohol. This can occur during a remodel, fire or public health emergency.

Your business will benefit from consulting with one of our Texas liquor license experts who will advise you about whether the change will be authorized and, if it is, how and when to report the change(s) to TABC.

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Adding Late Hours

A Late Hours Permit is a secondary permit that may be added to certain TABC permits when allowed by local authorities. We help clients understand the rules in their business location.

Entity Structure Changes

Business owners must complete a TABC business change packet to disclose any changes in the entity such as a merger, consolidation, partner change, etc.

Location Change

TABC requires a license holder to submit a location-change application to transfer their existing license to a new address. We help clients navigate TABC location change rules.

Ownership Changes

When a business is sold, TABC requires the new owner to apply for their own license or permit. The license or permit cannot be transferred to a new owner.

Reinstating an Existing License / Permit

When a TABC license is revoked or expires prior to renewal, additional steps are required to reinstate the license. We can help with this process.