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Obtaining a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) liquor license is critical to open and operate your bar in Texas. While it is one of the most important aspects of your business, navigating TABC is a complicated process that falls outside the comfort zone of many bar owners. LaBarba Permit Services has been obtaining alcohol permits in and around Dallas, Texas since 1965.

The process to obtain your alcohol permit begins by determining specifically which TABC licenses and permits will be required. Applicants must also determine all city requirements. This depend on the type of beverages you plan to sell, your bar’s location,  services offered, hours of operation, zoning and potentially other factors as well. Next, completing the application(s) requires a meticulous eye for detail along with an understanding of state, county and city regulations. Finally, delivering the applications to TABC is time consuming due to limited hours, parking hassles and bureaucratic delays. LaBarba Permit Services cuts through the red tape every time.

There is also a good chance that TABC will reject the application, if it is completed incorrectly. Even very minor errors result in setbacks. This is quite common for DIY applicants. The Commission often requires clarification and additional information before granting the permit, which can result in opening delays. Our proven process has been honed over 50+ years, to catch omissions and clarifications and prevent delays.

LaBarba Permit Service handles the entire TABC process for you and ensures the application is completed properly the first time. Our  professional Texas liquor licensing services include:

  • Draft and review all application documents
  • Coordination of conduct surety and/or tax bonds, if required
  • Review all TABC comments/requests and draft all supplementary affidavits
  • Client consultation
  • Research additional city and county certifications required
  • Expedite building permits and solve parking problems

Let our experience be your guide and resource.

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Mixed Beverage (MB)

Permit authorizes the sale of mixed beverages from unsealed containers and wine, beer, ale and malt liquor in containers of any legal size for on-premise consumption.

Wine and Beer Retailers Permit (BG)

Permit authorizes the sale of beer, ale, malt liquor and wine not more than 14% or 17% for on or off the premisesconsumption. Requires seating area for customers.

Retail Dealer's License (BE)

License authorizes sale of beer for consumption on or off premises. Requires seating area for customers.

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