TABC will not accept new applications for licensefrom August 1 – August 31, 2021. That includes applications for original primary licenses, subordinate authorities like Food and Beverage Certificates, or supplemental changes, such as location, ownership, business entity officers, etc.  

Due to COVID-19, most alcohol permits currently take 60-90 days to process. Working with the experts at LaBarba, we can work with you to get applications submitted prior to the shutdown at TABC as they change over to their new system, AIMS. If you plan to open a new business, avoid delays to your licenses and permits by contacting our experts immediately.  

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Starting September 1, 2021, TABC will have substantial changes to their pricing and permitting. You can expect to see timelines for submitting certain applications changing. There will be a new license and permit fee schedule, which has not yet been releasedSeveral permits are combining due to how malt beverages will be regulated (both beer and ale will now be considered “malt beverages”) You can expect to see some permits combinesuch as Package Store and Beer Retailer Off-Premises licensesThe biggest change is the shift to TABC’s new online system, AIMS.  

What is AIMS?  

TABC’s new Alcohol Industry Management System (AIMS) is the new online system that all license and permit holders and representatives will use to do business with TABC starting September 1, 2021.  TABC created this hub to manage all business conducted with them, including licensing tasks, product registration, excise tax reports and more.  


Companies will begin using AIMS on a phased-in onboarding process beginning September 1, 2021. Our LaBarba experts are here to help you every step of the way. As more information is available about the registration process, we will share updates on our website 

When it’s time to registerwe will work with our clients to register in the new AIMS system. During registration, LaBarba will be added as an authorized user so we can continue managing the license and permitting process on your behalf. If you’re a new clientLaBarba will work with you so we can manage your licensing from the very beginning of the processtalk with one of our experts.  

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UPDATE: March 19, 2021

Key Dates 

September 1, 2021This begins the implementation of: 

  • New licensing structure and fees. 
  • New online Alcohol Industry Management System (AIMS) that all license and permit holders or their licensing representative will use to do business with TABC. 
  • New regulations for malt beverages (formerly beer and ale). 


Applying for Licenses and Authorizations, Applications for Original Licenses, Subordinate Authorities, Supplemental Changes, or Temporary Events (Process Pending Commission Approval) 

Now – July 31, 2021: TABC will accept completed applications using the current submission process, which will be based on the license types and fees in effect at the time. To be considered complete, the application must answer all questions, get all necessary certifications, make all required publications, etc. You must also submit your payment for application fees and surcharges by July 31. Applications must be submitted with enough time for TABC to send you a “remit payment” notice and for you to respond by July 31. If any items are missing in the application, it will be considered incomplete and be sent back.  

August 1 – August 31, 2021: TABC will not accept any applications for original primary licenses, subordinate authorities like Food and Beverage Certificates, or supplemental changes (e.g., location, ownership, business entity officers, etc.). They will still accept and process requests for approval to conduct temporary and catering events during August. 

September 1 – After: Apply using TABC’s new AIMS program and the new license types and fees set by TABC rules. 


Applications To Renew Licenses (Process Pending Commission Approval) 

Licenses with an expiration date of Aug. 31 or sooner: Renew using TABC’s current process and the license types and fees in effect before Sept. 1. 

Licenses with an expiration date of Sept. 1 or after: Renew using TABC’s new AIMS program and the new license types and fees set by TABC rules (not yet adopted). You may not file renewals for these licenses before Sept. 1. 

  • Licenses expiring in September can’t renew until September. TABC will use prosecutorial discretion to allow these businesses to continue operating during September as long as they onboard into AIMS and complete the renewal process in September. These businesses will receive a designation in TABC’s Public Inquiry System with a phrase like “in progress” to denote their status. We will also include information about the designation in educational outreach to industry members, including the distribution tier.  
  • Licenses expiring in October and after may be renewed no earlier than 30 days before they expire. 
  • Late fees: TABC will not charge a late fee for renewal applications filed within the 30-day renewal grace period for licenses that expire in September or October. 

Effect of renewals under COVID-19 protocols: If you have filed or plan to file a late renewal based on Gov. Greg Abbott’s waiver, or have filed or plan to file a one-year renewal for a Mixed Beverage Permit, these actions have no impact on the process that you will use to renew your license. How you renew is based only on your license’s expiration date.