Are you an aspiring brewer working on making your dreams of starting a brewery come true? Before any of us jump into anything, let’s get some advice from an alcohol licensing consultant in Dallas, TX. Here are some of the most important things to consider before opening the doors of your brewery to customers:

  • Have a plan: Like starting any kind of business, in order to have a chance at succeeding in the game, you must have a plan for your brewery business. A business plan is good, but a brewery requires a different kind of planning. Your plans should be laid out in years, ranging from one- and three-year plans to a five-year plan. These plans are strategic—they play a huge role in your future—and include plans for parking, marketing, staffing, expansion and so on. Early on, your plans are likely to include production goals, offering a tasting room, revenue goals, etc. As your business grows and changes, so will your plans and goals.
  • Cost of equipment: We’re not going to lie—quality brewery equipment will cost you. Whether new or used, all the equipment you’ll need to brew beer can cost into the tens of thousands of dollars. And the more barrel systems you need, the more funding you’ll need. As a craft brewer, you will start small, but likely grow quickly, meaning you need to plan for outgrowing your equipment or your location. Should you sell your used equipment to buy new equipment or add to what you already have? That depends on your goals and needs.
  • Construction costs: If you are planning to build your brewery and/or tasting room, you need to consider the size and function of your brewery well in advance. This will help you plan for the right amount of space and give you a general idea of building costs. Do you want to just brew beer? Sell beer on-site? Have a taproom and/or restaurant? All of this will add up fast, so plan your construction well and make sure you have the budget to fulfill your list of wants.
  • Licenses and regulations: One of the first things you should do before opening a brewery is meet with a licensing consultant in Dallas, TX about what licenses you will need to brew, serve, sell and distribute alcohol. Also, find out about federal, state and local licensing costs, and do it early, because it could take a while to hear back from the government. Be aware that the costs of licensing, fees, taxes, insurance and bonds can be high.
  • Hire the right staff: You have educated yourself and now know how to run a brewery, but do you have all the skills needed to produce beer and manage the books? All those valves and tanks and financial obligations—you need to hire the right people to keep your business running smoothly. This often means employing a bookkeeper, head brewer and other personnel to ensure your business succeeds.

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