Before your business can sell craft beer or hard alcohol, you must obtain a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code (TABC) beer and liquor license in Dallas, TX. This makes it legal for you to sell your product by the glass to the public in your taproom, to restaurants or through distributors. As a fan of beer or liquor (or both!), you probably enjoy supporting small beer and liquor establishments—and here are some good reasons why you should!

  • Money stays in your community: To frequent your small breweries and distilleries is to make sure money stays in your community, which supports your local economy. The small business owner uses the money to pay their employees and go shopping for their business needs at other local businesses.
  • Know what’s in your beverage: People shop at farmers markets because they can ask the farmers how they grow their fruits and vegetables, or talk to artisan bread bakers about their methods and the ingredients they use in their baked goods. Most small brewery and distillery owners are very friendly and more than happy to discuss their products’ ingredients and how they’re made. Most take special care and give attention to the brewing process—they work hard to ensure your drink is of an incredible quality.
  • Maintains quality control: Each new batch of craft beer that’s released to consumers will have its own unique taste and scent. That’s because small brewery and distillery owners monitor their products closely; thus, they are on site to take part in quality control, including taste testing. If the drink does not live up to the brewer’s standards, it won’t be placed on the menu until it does. After all, they didn’t go through the process of acquiring their beer and liquor license in Dallas, TX to offer an inferior product.
  • Creates jobs for locals: Whether the craft brewery is small or big, it needs hired help. And if the establishment has a public taproom that is licensed and permitted to sell and serve beer to customers, then there will be more job openings for people in the local community. And a brewery that also sells food? That could mean even more jobs!
  • Promotes local tourism: Most of us like to boast when we indulge in our favorite local craft beer or hard liquor. That means checking in on our social media pages, which lets everyone know the best places to go when they are visiting the area.

How to find the best local small breweries and distilleries

A quick way to find breweries and distilleries to visit in your local area is to perform an internet search for a list of top businesses. Reading articles by local beer bloggers is another great way to find small breweries to try. Better yet, ask your beer-loving friends for taproom recommendations, and even suggest a group outing to explore everyone’s favorite places.

To speak to a knowledgeable liquor license consultant about getting your TABC beer and liquor license in Dallas, TX, give us a call at LaBarba Permit Service. We’ll be happy to answer all your licensing and permitting questions!