Alcohol and heart health – it’s a more complicated relationship than previously thought, according to some recent research. General wisdom has long held that moderate drinking is actually good for you. Digging deeper, though, the positive effect seems to apply only to certain heart ailments.

Define moderate drinking…

One glass of wine a day for women, and two glasses for men. Anything beyond that, and all the benefits get wiped out.

Which heart problems does moderate drinking impact positively?

The most common heart events – including heart attacks, strokes, and sudden death due to heart conditions. Non-drinkers have a 56% higher risk of dying unexpectedly from heart disease than moderate drinkers!

Which heart problems does moderate drinking not impact positively?

A handful of less common heart issues like mild strokes and bleeding in the brain.

So, jury says…

If you’re a moderate drinker, you’re still all right. Don’t go lording it over the non-drinkers though, because your alcohol consumption isn’t an impenetrable shield against all heart problems! Also, non-drinkers shouldn’t hit the bottle to try to nab these potential benefits – due to the tradeoffs surrounding liver problems, they’re better off committing to other methods of lowering heart risks (no smoking, exercise, and a healthy diet).

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