If you’re hosting an event, you may wonder whether you need a liquor permit in Dallas, TX to serve alcohol. Texas’ liquor laws can be confusing, and it can be frustrating trying to figure out which licenses you need and obtain them well in advance of your event opening. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you determine whether you need a liquor permit for your event and take the headache and ambiguity out of this one piece of your event planning process.

Selling alcohol at your event

If you’re selling alcohol at your event, you definitely need a liquor permit in Dallas, TX. This can include many types of events, from festivals and block parties to private events and parties. However, in some circumstances, even if you’re not selling the alcohol directly, you still may need a permit. For the state’s purposes, any entry fees to the event, tips, donations and any method of collecting payment for the cost of the alcohol constitutes as selling alcohol.

Alcohol is available, but not for sale

If you will be giving alcohol away at your event, rather than selling it, you don’t need a liquor permit in Dallas, TX. However, it has to be completely free, meaning that anyone over 21 who comes to the event and asks for alcohol can receive it. That means, if you charge an entry fee for your event, you are technically charging for alcohol and will need a permit. However, for events like open bar weddings with completely free alcohol for guests, you don’t need a permit. A boutique that serves champagne while patrons shop, whether or not they buy anything, would not need a permit, as this setup would be considered free alcohol.

Eligibility to apply for a temporary permit for your event

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) issues temporary permits to holders of TABC retail permits if they’re having an event at a location separate from their TABC-licensed premises. In addition, other organizations that don’t already have a liquor permit in Dallas, TX can obtain a temporary permit to sell alcoholic beverages at a special event if the event is not being held on TABC-licensed premises. These organizations include civic, religious or charitable organizations. If you are not part of this type of organization and don’t already hold a TABC permit for a primary location, you are not eligible to apply for a temporary liquor permit for your event, and you’ll not be allowed to sell alcohol.

If you need assistance in applying for a liquor permit in Dallas, TX for your special event, LaBarba Permit Service is here to help. We can help walk you through the process and determine your eligibility and necessity for a liquor permit. Obtaining a permit can be cumbersome and frustrating, and it helps to have a professional with considerable expertise in permits. If you are looking to sell alcohol at your event, you will need a temporary liquor permit in Dallas, TX. Give us a call today, and let us help!