Have you ever had a craving for authentic street tacos at 2 am? Well, luckily for you, Fuel City is able to satisfy your late-night taco cravings. 

Fuel City itself is a destination gas station where the name is recognizable by Dallasites everywhere. Fuel City has been family-owned and operated since Dallas native John Benda established the first location in 1995. 

There are a handful of locations across the DFW Metroplex, so finding your way to convenience and tacos shouldn’t be a problem. In order to get the full experience at Fuel City, you must take a walk through the convenience store and browse the vast selection of various goods they have to offer. With snacks galore and themed merchandise, you will not be leaving empty-handed! Fuel City also provides a full-service car wash where you have the option to purchase monthly memberships. 

LaBarba helped Fuel City get their Wine and Malt Beverage Retailer’s Off-Premise Permit, (a common permit that convenience stores acquire). This permit authorizes the sale of wine, beer, and malt liquors for off-premise consumption only in unbroken original containers.