Did you know that since May 1st of this year, businesses with TABC-licensed and/or permitted locations in Texas have been able to conduct a voluntary compliance report of their Texas premises by using the Alcohol Industry Management System (AIMS) ?

In a game-changing move that will help revolutionize the way businesses handle annual compliance reporting, the TABC has introduced AIMS.  With its user-friendly interface and cutting edge features, AIMS offers an efficient and streamlined approach to compliance reporting.  Businesses will now have the ability to conduct and file their annual reports by picking up their mobile device, opening either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge app, and logging into AIMS — which serves as the exact online system utilized by businesses to manage applications, licenses, excise taxes etc.  The compliance reports will ask users a series of questions and then prompt them to record images which will confirm that they are following the applicable laws for their businesses.

What are the next steps?

·  Now: Ensure you have an existing AIMS account with access to the licenses and permits you hold or assist with managing.  Need help? Visit the TABC How To Use AIMS page.

·  Complete your voluntary compliance reports using the compliance reporting feature in AIMS.  You will have until Aug. 31st, 2023!

· Get help with the compliance reporting feature:  While AIMS simplifies compliance reporting, LaBarba takes your compliance efforts to the next level.  We are trusted industry experts with extensive knowledge of TABC; we can guide you to ensure that you are always in full compliance with with TABC regulations.  Nonetheless, TABC will have guides on the TABC website to help with exploring the compliance reporting feature on AIMS.

· After completing your voluntary compliance report: No further action is necessary until Jan. 1, 2024. Your new mandatory compliance reporting period will be Jan. 1–March 31 each year. Keep a lookout for TABC to send additional communications leading up to the 2024 mandatory compliance reporting period.

The launch of the Alcohol Industry Management System (AIMS) by the TABC has transformed the way businesses handle annual compliance reporting.  By leveraging AIMS, you can streamline your reporting process and stay ahead of compliance requirements.  In order to further enhance your compliance efforts, partnering with LaBarba Permits Services brings a wealth of knowledge and personalized support to your business.

Click here for more TABC Compliance Reporting FAQs

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