Community Gardens, based in Bastrop, Texas, partners with local businesses to offer high-quality products and services to the community. During your visit, you will be able to buy local products such as fresh produce and handmade goods. Their indoor/outdoor market offers a wonderful hands-on experience for the whole family.

With features like a restaurant, a coffee shop, a live music venue with a full bar, and a plant nursery on the property, there is something for everyone. The venue doesn’t just host its own events; you can also schedule your own. As well as hosting classes like how to be sustainable, they also offer other learning experiences. There are also on-site companies that you can hire for your indoor and outdoor needs, including a pool company, landscaping company, and custom home professionals.

As an advocate of buying locally, LaBarba was delighted to help them secure their TABC permit, so that their music venue will provide visitors with a full bar experience.