In the Lone Star State, all sales of liquor and other alcoholic beverages are regulated by the Texas Alcoholic Beverages Commission. This means that a heavy regulatory framework encapsulates the core business of most restaurateurs and bar owners.

To stay on the right side of the law, business owners in Texas must comply with an increasingly complex series of permits and regulations. Permitting services can make the process of obtaining an alcohol permit in Dallas, TX substantially easier, however!

For those who are applying for a liquor license without the guidance and help afforded by hiring a qualified permitting service, here are some of the risks that business owners may face:

  • Filing to the wrong law enforcement agency: Most businesses will file their permits with the local sheriff’s department. In some cases and jurisdictions, however, liquor licenses may be handled by different law enforcement agencies. Using a permitting service to obtain your alcohol permit in Dallas, TX can help you ensure that you are requesting permission from the proper law enforcement team.
  • Using an ineligible applicant: The State of Texas has stringent requirements on people who are eligible to obtain liquor licenses. Felony convictions within the past five years will disqualify your application, as will liquor law violations that have occurred in the past two years. It is important to ensure that you are eligible to obtain a license prior to beginning the application process.
  • Incorrectly filling out paperwork: The paperwork surrounding alcohol permit applications is notoriously complicated. Misrepresenting even the most innocuous-seeming information on an application can disqualify your business from receiving a license. In order to make sure that you are filling everything out correctly, it is almost essential that you retain the services of a qualified permitting service.
  • Slowing or ceasing operations: If there is a mistake present on your application for an alcohol permit in Dallas, TX, you could be forced to delay or cease the operations of your establishment. This could jeopardize any plans for a grand opening that you may have been preparing for, and has the potential to cost you a substantial amount of revenue.
  • Getting the wrong permit: With more than 20 different types of liquor licenses available in the state of Texas, it can be extremely complicated to determine which one best meets the needs of your business. If you accidentally file for and obtain the wrong permit, you could be selling liquor illegally.
  • Illegal operations: Applying for a liquor license independently of a permitting service can open up your business to a substantial amount of legal liability. In order to avoid the possibility of stiff fines or even personal legal trouble, it is recommended that you hire a qualified permitting service to assist you with the application process.

Since 1965, LaBarba Permit Service has been the premier source for help with obtaining an alcohol permit in Dallas, TX. Our knowledgeable team of professionals can protect your business from the possibility of delayed or denied permits, and help you to continue operating within the parameters of the law. Call us today to learn more about how we can address all your state permitting needs!