Bars, restaurants and clubs of all kinds are subject to restrictions on what foods and drinks they can serve to customers. A restaurant’s new dish may pair perfectly with an imported white wine, but serving alcohol requires you to jump through hoops to get a liquor license in Dallas, TX on your own.

At LaBarba Permit Service, we have helped thousands of businesses obtain the necessary permits required to serve alcohol or add services to their business model. We treat each customer with the utmost respect and service to make their jobs easier and help them fulfill their dreams, which is why we are so pleased when we learn that our clients have reached success!

We strive to help business owners focus on building their business while we do what we do best: file paperwork and navigate government agencies to help them reach their true potential.

One of our long-standing clients is a perfect example of how we help businesses reach success. Hunter Pond, founder of the East Hampton Sandwich Company, is expanding his business to many new locations and being recognized in the public eye for his creative menu options. We are delighted to share his story.

From law school to lunches

Hunter Pond started his sandwich shop in 2012 after dropping out of law school. Pond realized his passion for sandwich cuisine and formulated a business plan for East Hampton Sandwich Company. Armed with a taste for delicious sandwiches and a desire to provide premium-quality meals in an inexpensive, fast-casual environment, Pond launched his business, and it took off from there.

Quality is top of mind at East Hampton Sandwich Company, with all locations roasting meats and crafting sauces in-house. Pond has introduced a rotating menu of unique sandwich creations to wow customers. Both fan favorite items and seasonal Limited Time Only (LTO) sandwiches grace the shop’s breakfast and lunch menu.

One of Pond’s greatest strengths in this business is his creativity. The LTO program allows Pond and his team to create really innovative sandwiches that customers can fall in love with. This helps boost his business’s appeal and offers customers unique qualities they can’t get elsewhere.

East Hampton Sandwich Company also serves beer, wine and other alcoholic drinks alongside Pond’s creative menu of sandwiches. These drink offerings help create a more formal atmosphere in the “fast-casual” environment, providing customers with the ability to sit, eat, have fun and enjoy a delicious pairing of a sandwich and local brew.

Today, East Hampton Sandwich Company is a successful franchise. Pond operates 10 locations in Dallas and has grand plans to expand the franchise even further. Other franchised shops can be seen in in Dallas, Fort Worth, Frisco, Plano, Southlake and Houston.

LaBarba Permit Service wants to support your new business

In the very same way we helped Hunter Pond obtain his liquor license in Dallas, TX, our team at LaBarba Permit Service can help your new business get the permits and licenses it needs to open, grow and thrive. We specialize in alcohol licensing and permitting, health permits, late-hour permits, lottery licenses, cigarette licenses, sales tax permits and zoning. If you’re interested in learning more about how we make obtaining permits as stress-free as possible, give us a call today!