We know that restaurants, clubs and other establishments that sell or serve alcohol need to have a liquor license in order to do so. In addition, owners and employees working around alcohol should also have undergone the proper training to ensure the business operates legally and safely.

However, do the same standards apply to people and businesses that want to sell or serve alcohol temporarily at outdoor events? This becomes a serious curiosity as the temperatures rise here in Texas and everyone wants to gather together outside and soak in the sun. Do your research before taking advantage of the opportunity to sell wine, liquor or cold beer outside at your event!

Here’s a good question to ask your liquor license consultant in Dallas, TX: Can you sell alcoholic beverages at outdoor events? Let’s go over a few pertinent points:

  • Food trucks and trailers: Outdoor events like concerts and sports games taking place during the warmer months are packed with fans wanting to cool off. While it would seem okay to simply haul some icy beers and frozen alcoholic beverages to events to sell, it’s not something you can do legally in Texas.
  • Liquor license conundrum: Even though you have a legal mobile business, you cannot obtain a liquor license if your food truck moves from location to location around town serving customers. Why is this? Well, it’s because a Texas liquor license can only be issued to a business with a physical address. That is, you need a fixed location like a restaurant or club. Since food trucks are mobile, they don’t have an address, so unless they operate from the same physical address, they cannot get a liquor license.
  • Selling drinks as a vendor: There is, however, a way you can be outdoors selling alcohol as a vendor. You can sell outdoors if you already have a liquor license for a restaurant or other type of establishment and you’re participating in a civic event being put on by your local government. These types of events typically have barriers, like portable fences or walls, to keep people with drinks within event boundaries. At these events, restaurants have a booth or tent for food sales, but can also sell alcoholic beverages with a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) temporary permit.
  • Private facilities: In Texas, you can submit an application for permission to obtain a permit to sell alcohol at private sporting facilities that maintain their own fields, like soccer clubs and golf courses. These facilities are usually fenced in and have physical addresses, so owners can get liquor licenses.
  • TABC catering license: If you have a TABC liquor license for your business, you have the option to obtain a TABC catering license as well. With this license you can set up a cash bar at special events, but only events located in wet counties. You can also cater a wedding and sell drinks in some areas.

If you want to meet with a liquor license consultant in Dallas, TX, call LaBarba Permit Service. We are here to help you obtain your license from the TABC!