So, you’re about to open a new bar or restaurant in the booming Dallas area? Unless you’re shooting for the world’s most wholesome restaurant, the odds are good that you’ll want to get a liquor license. After all, most Texans like to wash down a good meal or rehydrate after some dancing with a nice, cold drink.

Of course, as an up-and-coming entrepreneur, you may wonder if it’s even possible to obtain an individual liquor license in Dallas, TX.

The short answer

The quick and easy response is, “yes.” In a lot of states, liquor licenses aren’t handed out to a specific business—they’re given to the people who operate said business. In other words, it’s possible to say that every liquor license is an individual liquor license. Of course, the issue is much more complicated than this simple explanation suggests.

What type of liquor license would you like?

If you’re just hoping to sell beer and wine, you might find obtaining a liquor license much easier than pursuing a license that allows you to sell the full array of hard liquors.

Do you have a criminal background?

If you have a criminal history that includes violent crime or any kind of felony, then you most likely will not be issued an individual liquor license in Dallas, TX.

Building codes may cause an issue

If you’re specifically seeking a lease in your name, then you should pay attention to the building codes of your location. In some cases, if the name of your business appears on the building’s lease (rather than your name), then the name that appears on your liquor license will not be yours, but that of your business.

Where is the license coming from?

The vast majority of states acknowledge the personal nature of a liquor license to such an extent that they’ll allow the transfer of a license from one person to another. If a business is closing, for example, the owner may be able to transfer their license to a new business.

Cutting red tape for 50 years and counting

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