Greenville Avenue in Dallas gained a new chic cocktail bar known as Apothecary which offers an intimate space decorated with antiques and local décor found at estate sales, as well as velvet seating and peacock wallpaper producing a “moody” atmosphere.

Their bar menu offers eccentric beverage choices such as the High Horse and Octopus’s Garden which has actual charred octopus as garnish. Apothecary also offers bar bites such as edible oyster shells, edible candles, and other unique surprises on its menu.

They prefer to do things unlike most other bars with their unique techniques like the use of liquid nitrogen, centrifuges, sous vide, and pyrolysis when creating their cocktails.

LaBarba was Apothecary’s choice when it came down to the process of getting their TABC permit application submitted, and we were excited to help. Be sure to try the Octopus’s Garden, which is made with tequila, nitro muddles mint-sage-basil, lime, oleo, soda, ink, peated scotch, and the most exciting addition, charred octopus.