TABC Industry Update June 2021 

TABC is undergoing major changes in 2021, including the move to their new system, AIMS. In order to facilitate getting everyone into the new system, TABC is hosting multiple virtual onboarding events on Microsoft Teams. AIMS onboarding training and usage will be based on a phased-in onboarding process. Business owners can expect to receive email communication about the onboarding trainings as early as July 2021.  

FYI: NEW licensing numbers will be issued by TABC. TABC is working to get those new license numbers to their permit holders. 



Manufacturing and distribution tier businesses, brewpubs, and license or permit holders with September and October expiration months. These business owners can expect to receive communication from TABC as early as July 2021 for onboarding training.  



LaBarba is available to assist our clients as they move to TABC’s AIMS system. Once access to the new system is open, we will be able to provide detailed guidance on how to register in the system. During registration, LaBarba will be added as an authorized user so we can continue managing the license and permitting process on your behalf.  



No new applications will be accepted by TABC during August 2021. Any applications not completed and submitted with TABC fees by July 31, 2021, will be processed in the new AIMS system starting in September 2021. TABC’s new fee structure will take effect on September 1. 

Due to the current time constraints to complete the application process, we cannot guarantee the submission of new applications before the August 2021 shut down that are not already in progress. However, our team can begin the process for your application now and have it ready to submit when TABC begins accepting new applications on September 1, 2021.