Successful Approach

With more than 55 years in business, our team implements an established methodology that been successful for thousands of clients over five decades. This experience has provided the most proven method for obtaining aTexas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) license.

The first step involves determining which TABC licenses or permits our client needs. Next, we complete the application and meticulously review all aspects for accuracy prior to submission. Many clients also use our expertise to advise them about health permit, certificate of occupancy and other requirements for opening. 

The process is complex,  but the LaBarba team has it down to a science. Isn’t it nice to know, you can put our experience to work for your business?

Ready to simplify the process?

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The LaBarba Process

STEP ONE: Determine Permit Type Needed

Consider entity type and conduct land use analysis.

STEP TWO: TABC Submittal

Provide all county, city, financial, state and legal documentation.


This phase includes supplemental findings, protest hearings and background checks.


In addition to the TABC permit, inspections, certificate of occupancy and health approvals are also needed to open the business.