One of the hardest aspects of 2020 has been the unknown. It’s difficult to plan for a future you’re unsure about. What will change? What will remain the same? What will happen to your city during this recovery period?  The opportunity for positive impact lies in what you can control. On a local level, your shopping patterns can positively contribute to sustaining a more stable economy.

Although most businesses have opened back up, many consumers have kept online shopping habits they developed during the lockdown. Online shopping is definitely convenient, but our neighborhoods and quality of life are sustained by local spending.

Supporting local businesses is a surefire way to bring immediate economic impact to your local area.  Small Business Saturday is very popular in November, but what about incorporating these shops into more of your regular routine? Make a list of things you routinely shop for and see what local areas may be selling similar items.

Eat Local

One of the best and easiest ways to support local businesses is to choose family-owned, small or local chain restaurants at which to dine. Many of these restaurants were hit hard during the mandated lockdown, but they have since opened with new processes and menus to keep them compliant with TABC and new health guidelines. Yet, the road to recovery is a long one.  Patron support encourages these business owners with every meal bought – dine-in or take-out!

If you own or operate a small business or restaurant, make sure you embrace the #ShopLocal mentality in all your promotions. Habits are formed and reinforced with each additional touchpoint, so reminding patrons on signs, menus, and take-out materials that your business is thankful for each and every visit and sale encourages customers to come back. For many people, the desire to make a positive impact this year is perhaps stronger than ever before.

LaBarba Permit Service has helped many Texas bars and restaurants navigate liquor permits before and during the days of COVID.  Some of these places may be on your list to visit, while others may already be a go-to favorite.  Choose to meet up with friends and family or pick up some food-to-go from one of our many satisfied clients!

Some of LaBarba’s Satisfied Clients: