As we move into a new year, here’s a quick look at what industry experts say 2018 has in store for liquor lovers!


Read: prepare for fewer plastic straws. Does anyone use those? But really, we’re looking at a more systemic shift toward a long-term vision of sustainability that responds to issues including water waste, energy, and local sourcing.


The popularity of kombucha and kefir is seeping into the bar scene. Allegedly this is a good thing.


Bars Within Bars

Mysterious. Like an onion. Those in the know claim that spaces with a “split personality” feel are on the rise. The Millennial version of the speakeasy, it often involves secret rooms and multiple, diverse branding concepts within the same building.

Activist Bartenders

AKA alcohol isn’t all bad. Whether manifesting as fundraising efforts for natural disasters or as the founding of a nonprofit dedicated to protecting traditional distilling methods, prepare to feel good for multiple reasons.


Rise of Italian Spirits

All hail the spritz! Aperol sales are up a whopping 19%, so clearly we’re all craving a taste of la dolce vita lately. Relevant suggestion: next time you’re out, go for the negroni sbagliato, a happy accident of a drink beloved by the Milanesi for decades.

Ready to get in on these trends in Texas? Well, if you want to get through the red tape sometime before the next new year rolls around, your best bet is definitely to give our liquor licensing consultants a call today!