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Permits for businesses that sell alcohol and food, with the bulk of sales volume from liquor.


Permits for businesses that primarily sell food, but also offer wine, beer and spirit-based drinks.

Liquor & Convenience Stores

These permits authorize the holder to sell beer, wine and liquor for off-premise consumption.


These facilities may require a variety of permits including minibar, restaurant, catering and/or tavern permits.

Special Use Permits (SUP)

Zoning permission by a municipality to allow alcohol sales.

Alcohol Distance Variance

We help business owners apply for and attain approval for variances to alcohol distance regulations.


We can help identify and anticipate and navigate potential TABC issues before they derail your entire business.

Project Management

We oversee restaurant construction and finish-out to control costs and expedite opening.

Cutting Red Tape Since 1965

LaBarba Permit Service has the expertise and experience to handle any type of alcohol permit in the State of Texas. In fact, we are a founding member of the Texas Association of Beverage License Services (TABLS).

We consistently save our clients time, confusion and frustration.


The LaBarba Advantage

Our goal is to remove the hassle of the liquor license process by navigating TABC bureaucracy on behalf of our clients.


We handle the licensing and permitting so you can focus on your core business.


Get the expertise of a knowledgeable team that includes former TABC employees and 55 years in business.


Our applications are approved quickly because our process ensures they are handled correctly the first time.

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Find out how quick and easy it is to work with LaBarba for all your permitting services.

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